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Space Marines - Land Raider Crusader / Redeemer

Space Marines - Land Raider Crusader / Redeemer

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As the Crusader was a modification of the original Land Raider, so is the Redeemer an evolution of the Crusader design.


Like all mighty Space Marine tanks, the Land Raider Redeemer features incredibly solid armouring on all sides, and comes with metal panels, hatches, rivets and searchlight, all o which gives you a remarkably powerful addition for your Space Marine collection. The kit contains a jaw-dropping range of weaponry: two sets of hurricane bolters, a twin-linked assault cannon, a multi-melta, two flamestorm cannons, and frag assault launchers – all of which gives you plenty of options for personalisation.


This box set contains 124 components with which to make either a Land Raider Redeemer or a Land Raider Crusader.


This set is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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