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Metal Men - Full Metal Jacket

Metal Men - Full Metal Jacket

SKU: 9781401265175




One of the most colorful super-hero teams of all time, the Metal Men aresix shape-shifting robots whose personalities are based on their metals:Hot-tempered Mercury, timid Tin, thick-headed Lead and more. Invented byeccentric scientist Dr. Will Magnus, the team is ready to give theirall--including their artificial lives--to protect mankind.

However, when themysterious cyber-terrorist known only as Nameless comes after them, they mayhave met their match! Written by Len Wein (SWAMP THING) and illustrated byYildiray Cinar (SUPERIOR IRON MAN), the Metal Men are reborn for a newgeneration! Collects the METAL MEN stories from the anthology series LEGENDS OFTOMORROW #1-6.

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