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Martian Manhunter Rings Of Saturn

Martian Manhunter Rings Of Saturn

SKU: 9781401251413
£17.99 Regular Price
£15.99Sale Price



The Martian Manhunter,  stars in this new title collecting his popular 1998 series, featuring moody art by writerJohn Ostrander's frequent collaborator, Tom Mandrake. After suffering colossalinjuries at the hands of the evil Malefic, the Martian Manhunter has returned toMars in an attempt to heal himself. But while he's away, Saturnian ships arriveto reclaim Jemm, Son of Saturn, who is still recovering from being used as apawn in "Day of Judgment." Collects the 1998 Martian Manhunter #10-17.

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