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Harley Quinn (Rebirth) Vol 4 - The Final Trip

Harley Quinn (Rebirth) Vol 4 - The Final Trip

SKU: 9781401294557




Harley Quinn, resident crazy person returns, to Gotham to hang with an old friend. Selina Kyle has just been through a rough break up and could use a little R and R. They decide to play a board game, but just one problem it s cursed.

Harley finds her whole reality completely transformed and now must make things right again. But to make matters even worse, she s the only, who can remember how everything is supposed to be and she finds herself the only sane person in an insane world. If you thought Harley Quinn was crazy wait until you see everyone else! Plus more exciting adventures in this new era for the DCU s craziest antihero, Harley Quinn, in Harley Quinn Vol.4.


Collects Harley Quinn #61-66.

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