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Batman (Rebirth) Vol 05 The rules of Engagement

Batman (Rebirth) Vol 05 The rules of Engagement

SKU: 9781401277314




When Catwoman accepted Batman's marriage proposal, she changed more lives than just Bruce Wayne's and Selina Kyle's. A union between the World's Greatest Detective and one of Gotham City's fiercest criminals is a shake-up that will rattle everyone in the Dark Knight's life--from the young vigilantes who make up his surrogate "family," to his legendary friends in the Justice League, to old demons he'd long hoped to leave behind. Now Batman and Catwoman are on a quest for redemption--a mission deep into a forbidden desert fortress to evolve into something better before they say, "I do." Standing in their way is...

well, everybody, including Batman's lethal ex-girlfriend Talia al Ghul. From desert sands to boardwalk lights, will the Bat and the Cat's search lead them to happiness at last? 


Collects Batman #33-37 and the critically acclaimed tale from Batman Annual #2.

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