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Avengers , New By Brian Michael Bendis Vol. 2

Avengers , New By Brian Michael Bendis Vol. 2

SKU: 9780785148753
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1959: under presidential orders, Nick Fury assembles the first Avengers-Victor Creed. Namora. Kraven the Hunter. Dominick Fortune. Silver Sable. Ulysses Bloodstone. Their mission? Stop the rise of the Red Skull's Fourth Reich. Present day: Luke Cage's New Avengers are settling to life at Avengers Mansion. But Norman Osborn's HAMMER is secretly rebuilding. Stopping them will test the New Avengers with death and Betrayal-and bring a startling revelation regarding Nick Fury and his 1959 Avengers Initiative. Collecting: New Avengers (2010) #7-13.

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