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Wonder Woman (New 52) Vol 9 Resurrection

Wonder Woman (New 52) Vol 9 Resurrection




She's the God of War, but Diana of Themyscira-a.k.a. WonderWoman-is about to discover an enemy deadlier than any she's everencountered. An illness has been unleashed that could destroy every Olympianleft alive, and it's starting with the most vulnerable demigod of themall: baby Zeke, the son of Zeus-and the person Diana cares about above allelse.

To save the child and protect her immortal kin, Wonder Woman must begin aperilous quest. Old allies and enemies alike will return-but will theyhelp or hinder her? Her home on Paradise Island awaits-but will herhomecoming plunge her into hell itself? And shocking revelations arecoming-will they cause the Amazon warrior to question everything shethought she knew about her family, her friends...and even herself? Find out inWONDER WOMAN VOL. 9: RESURRECTION, from the creative team of Meredith Finch(TALES FROM OZ) and David Finch (BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT), with help from othertalented artists including Miguel Mendonca (TEEN TITANS), Scott Hanna(GREEN LANTERN CORPS) and more! Collecting issues #48-52 of the acclaimedseries, this stunning chapter in the Wonder Woman saga features surprises thatwill raise the dead! This volume also includes a special preview of WONDERWOMAN: REBIRTH #1!

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