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Combat Patrol : Chaos Daemons

Combat Patrol : Chaos Daemons

SKU: 97-51
£95.00 Regular Price
£79.99Sale Price

Claim skulls for Khorne with Combat Patrol: Chaos Daemons! This boxed set provides you with all the units you need to start your collection or reinforce an existing army. The contents of this set have been specifically chosen to provide you with a Chaos Daemons force ideal for Combat Patrol-sized games – approximately 25 Power Level's worth of models – and will also save you money compared to buying the contents individually.


This set includes the following multipart plastic models:

– 1x Bloodmaster

– 3x Bloodcrushers

– 10x Flesh Hounds

– 20x Bloodletters


All models are supplied with their appropriate bases.


These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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