Black Cat Vol. 3 All Dressed Up

Black Cat Vol. 3 All Dressed Up

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The Black Cat's Marvel Universe crime spree continues! And her next target is...Stark Unlimited! But stealing a suit of Iron Man armor is bold, even for a master thief like Felicia Hardy. And now she's on the run - on the fly, really - from Iron Man through the concrete canyons of Manhattan! But Felicia is also still on the run from the Thieves Guild - and it's possible that the armor wasn't really what she was stealing from Iron Man. So it's a little tough being the Black Cat right now. And when Spider-Man drops by for a return visit, how will this complicate Felicia's already complicated life?!

COLLECTING: BLACK CAT (2019) 11-12, Black Cat Annual 1, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2020 Story (SPIDER-MAN/VENOM)